Developers (B2B clients)

Providing solutions for growing population and for aging society.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly, healthy solid wood (CLT) houses for developers of urban and sub-urban areas, house associations, retirement villages, holiday parks and temporary housing for student campuses.

We are offering product development and delivery services of 3D modular solutions for following housing types:

1. Low/mid-rise apartment buildings and row housing (terrace houses)

3D modular construction involves producing standardised components of a structure in an off-site factory, then assembling them on-site. It is more cost effective, higher quality and it provides shorter overall project period than on-site construction.

Product range: modular apartment building, modular row housing.

Key features:

  • CO2 positive solutions (based on solid wood CLT and wood based insulation)
  • Standardization and repeatability will help for cost reduction
  • Universal access that is creating equal opportunity for all community members by reducing barriers
  • Delivery house to the plot as ready modules for a quick assembly
  • Architectural design of details as per client needs and local requirements
  • Options for finishing materials (facades, interior materials)
  • Just in time delivery with truck or ferry transport depending on scale and site location within Europe

2. Caravan Holiday Homes for seasonal usage and Static Caravans for all year round usage (models according to EU rules).

Key features:

  • models according to EU rules
  • CO2 positive solutions (based on solid wood CLT, plywood, wood based insulation)
  • Delivery of the house to the plot as a ready-made module with Plug and Play technical readiness for immediate use.
  • Special models with possibilities for universal access
  • Modular building made of wood are providing easily recyclable and reusable solutions.
  • Just in time delivery with truck transport within Europe, (possibilities for global delivery in marine containers as elements).
  • Product styles for different needs: Art, Popular, Classic

3. The production of wooden houses is located in Estnor, where there are modern off-site production conditions, long-term experience and ISO, ETA, CE conformity and quality certificates. The products are delivered to the customer on time, either by road or by sea.

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