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Providing solutions for people with high environmental awareness. Sustainable and environmentally friendly, healthy micro and mobile houses made of solid wood - CLT for living, recreation, retirement. Carbon positive solutions

Carbon positive solutions


Key features:

  • models according to EU rules
  • CO2 positive solutions (based on solid wood CLT, plywood, wood based insulation)
  • Delivery of the house to the plot as a ready-made module with Plug and Play technical readiness for immediate use.
  • Special models with possibilities for universal access
  • Modular building made of wood are providing easily recyclable and reusable solutions.
  • Just in time delivery with truck transport within Europe, (possibilities for global delivery in marine containers as elements).
  • Product styles for different needs: Art, Popular, Classic

Model “Art”

Architectural design that makes your compact home unique and different. You can enjoy happy days with your loved one or you may start your own rental business. This model is also suitable for golf clubs or caravan parks, which require high-end design and exceptional standards in every detail.

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Model “Pop”

An architectural design that fits in the backyard of suburban areas to accommodate your family members or friends. You may start your own rental business. This model is also suitable for developers of student villages or caravan holiday parks, which require a good standard in every detail.

CLT house - Model “Pop”

CLT house - Model “Pop”

Model “Classic”

Architectural design that fits in with classic holiday parks or country clubs near suburban areas to provide comfortable accommodation for visitors. This model is also suitable for retirement village developers who need universal access and comfort in every detail.

CLT  house - Model “Classic”

CLT  house - Model “Classic”

Solid wood interior

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