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Development of blast and bullet resistant CLT (cross laminated timber) structures such as shelters, guard booths and other related products such as access road modules, fences.

Quick and easy setup allows people to be safely sheltered as soon as it arrives on site, saving valuable lives, time and money.

Key topics and possibilities: blast protection, ballistic protection, energy efficiency, quick and easy setup.

By some research, temporary structures used by the armed forces in deployed locations offer little to no inherent blast or ballistic protection without hardening.

New construction materials like cross-laminated timber (CLT) offer an opportunity to rapidly build temporary structures for military forces while improving force protection, providing greater energy efficiency, and being more adaptable to a changing operational environment.

Blast loading characteristic of the material (CLT) is just beginning to be explored. Preliminary testing shows positive response, with less damage than generally expected.

Experimental testing of ballistic performance shows that depending on the wood properties and adding non-wood materials to the wood composite (CLT) it may have ballistic resistance.

For more information you may read:
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“Blast Testing Shows CLT Can Take the Heat”, WoodWorks, in cooperation with the United States Forest Service and the Softwood Lumber Board